Suryameet's Strategy - Trading Diary

bro i am waiting for the update!:)
I implemented this strategy today.
Trade details are

Short BankNifty 17 Nov 25700 CE : 218.45, Position closed at 192.25
Short BankNifty 17 Nov 25800 PE : 171
Position closed at 202.6
Short BankNifty 17 Nov FUT : 25786
Position closed at 25733.7

Total profit : 1048 - 1262 + 2096 = 1882

Did not switch Fut position anytime during the trade.

The only problem with this strategy is bobbing. If BN is sideways , you may switch positions couple of times and thus incur some losses. Thus be patient with switching positions, try to identify a trend and only then switch and as mentioned in above posts keep the breakeven point band little wider. Also you can use some technical tools to identify a trent.
As and when i use this strategy , will keep posting the results here.
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Today again i implemented it and im in a loss. BankNifty was moving sideways and i had to swap future position 4 times during the day. Earlier i was thinking time decay in sold options will compensate the losses of future switch. It does compensate to some extend but ultimately you will be in loss. This strategy looks theorotically nice however it works only when there is up or downmove. You will lose money when BN moves sideways.
My total loss today : 3500 + brokerage + taxes


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picture this

bank nifty
short straddle (credit around 900 point)
2 lots long strangle (nett debit about 50 to 80 points)
@ 500 points away from straddle

we know for sure that BN is a volatile one and its going to move atleast 400 points on one side quickly ... if its not moving quickly .. then slowly it will eventually pick up the direction and move beyond 500 points.

once its above the straddle then make intraday bets on the long side (buy future/call or short put) and vice versa if its below the straddle

another way to look at this is its a ratio put and call combo ... if you want you could leg in the calls side or put side first.

if its moves very fast very early ..... and you make about 6%-10% of your investment ,,, get out ... the more time it takes ... the more probablity that you are going to incurr loss (your debit) if it returns to your straddle strike ... or between 400-500 point range on one side.
Short option ce/pe is okay for gain decay time.

Better use trailing stop loss manually in future. I hope this help??? Kindly advise me if I am wrong.


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Dear friends,

Suryameet 25 has put forward a strategy that has impressed me -

I have decided to try it out with real money, but only one lot (30K margin). I will post results here

June 27, 2017

Loss of 1350Rs. Loss was because BN bobbed around pivot line 10 times! Each time I lost 10 points. Total points lost = 10points x 10 times x 40 units = 4000. This was reduced from the profits I made on same day.

June 28, 2017

Profit of Rs 2050

A small tweak for this - made it positional and backtested it on stock mock. Results were impressive.

This is a positional strategy-1 short straddle + Buy 1 FUT [All 1 lot each] - Cap required - 2.85L - No monitoring. Weekly expiry and close on thursday at 3.15.

Inputs are welcome !!