Support & Resistance on chosen TF!


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I had this support & resistance afl which i got from the net. But i wanted it to show me some experimental parameters, like look back, chosen time frame, show broken zones.

Have accomplished the three stated above. I wish to do more with it. Like show turncoat, i.e when support turns to resistance and vice versa. Give it some margin to plot and not exactly at the price point. It's the kind of features developed by slipshod, a prominent member of the SHF forex community.
Anyone with better coding skills than me and willing to lend a hand can try to do the suggested mods.

So if someone wants the zones for 2 different time frames, just rename the copy and apply it with a different time frame.

Cheers, :)
NOTE : please take caution and input the correct number for the required time frame.


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