Suggest Unique Portfolio Management Software (mainly Mutual Funds)

Is there any portfolio management software for Mutual Funds (as well as stocks but mutual funds should not be ignored).

This software should have provisions to save/retrieve detailed information about ones investement. Suppose like one individual who can not have the paper docs with him all the way, can anytime refer to the software for any details needed.(folio no, amount,dt of invst. etc)

As mentioned in the paragraph above those info are very sensitive as one having all those info might be in control so the software should be trustworthy.

So is there any such software? Please suggest as I am very new to this kind of softwares.

There is no third party software for tracking Mutual Funds. However there is a website called <> which does everything in Mutal Funds. It also maintains your Portfolio. One can check daily NAVs and fund performance etc.
This website is a Benchmark for all Fund managers.
Hope this will help you.

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