Suggest good institute or mentor in Delhi


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I am a very old silent reader but never registered here. 1st English is not my first language, so please don't get frustrated with grammatical mistakes.

I am looking for some good institute for stock market course in Delhi and it would be great if you guys can mention few of them.

I have visited many but only Bifm and RMJ conduct classes on live market durations and give practical on daily basis. Other institutes are just giving 50 to 100 hours theoretical sessions and few hours practical in last. If any member from Traderji provide such kind of course than please let me know or please recommend some reliable people according to you.

After roaming here n there for three days I am finally here for help and hope I will get some good info. :)

Atul from gurgaon.....:)



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I had attended a course in Options which i found to be extremely useful. They are covering many strategies in Options trading in addition to basics. But the institute is not conducting courses in technicals etc. this is purely in options and strategies. If you want you can try them.


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You can try me!! :D (src)


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Mr.g can you post your contact detail or pm here, because I am not able to see any place from where I can send you pm.
I was being sarcastic dude. Vaise bhi I dont have time to tutor kids. Buy the book security analysis. Go through it 4-5 times.


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Hehe thanks 4 suggestion...

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