Stock Screener based on Fundamental Parameters

Which Fundamenta Indicator do you like most?

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have a look at the screener and on the single stock navigator at
Their tool gives a pretty thorough fundamental analysis for many stocks globally.

At the outset I HHPPREMM would like to wish all the Moderators,The Unselfishlessly helpful Intelligent members of this forum " "A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR"We all are in the Share Market and so it is necessary 4 all of us 2 "SHARE' our knowledge and experience for the betterment of others.Im working on an Astrological angle for certain predictions for which i require the dates of the announcement of Results of all the NIFTY STOCKS rite 4rm 2000 till date.Is dr any site 4rm wr i cn gt ds?Plz guide me.Thanks to all our dear members.
I have found a very good stock screener in This website is meant for indian markets, has consolidated and standalone results for last many years, and even lets you define your own Financial ratio depending on balance sheet entries.

I think its the best currently available for Indian Stocks.

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