Stock Market Movies

Could someone recommend some good quality English movies about stock market, investing, finance etc. I am doing trading rather regularly and as a former psychology student i am interested in knowing the emotional aspects of investing.

I know that there are several good books on trading psychology and I have browsed through some but I am not a good reader so I would rather see some good movies that really explore these things in depth.

Any suggestions?

Oops, after posting my above thread I googled it and found some links. Here's one:

the following movies are suggested there: "Trading Places", "Wall Street", "Boiler Room" and "Other People's Money". Must check them out.

Amazing whatever one needs to know is already available on the net!!

But I shall appreciate if anyone has better titles to suggest.

Wall Street is good.

Haven't seen Boiler Room but the movie is having a strong casting. Will try to get hold of one ASAP :)