SPAN MARGIN ALONE for F&O Carry Over Position - LEGAL or ILLEGAL ?


Am Currently trading in Astha Trade.

Few members said F&O Carry over with just SPAN Margin alone is
against NSE rules / Illegal. :(

So I just enquired the same with Astha Trade.

They explained the following...

" the reason is we work on t+0 settlement cycle
u can search from NSE.... there is two types of SPAN MARGIN...
one is on t+0 settlement and other is t+1 settlement...

this reduce span margin further

in our case NIFTY SPAN MARGIN is 10000 rs but in other brokers there
SPAN MARGIN is more than 13000 rs

if u want any authentic information then u can call on NSE customer
care toll free number 1800220053 NSE TOLL FREE NO. "

So I just wished to share it. :thumb:

I know the fact that few experts here might not not accept what the
consultant from Astha Trade explained. Am yet to call that number.

I request those experts to prove that what the consultant said was wrong,
as I was unable to find any info to prove he was wrong, as am an ordinary

So expert traders, the ball is now in your coat to prove that info is wrong. :(

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