Sound Alerts Not Coming

Hello Experts....

I have this AFL, the buy sell coding part I have pasted below.

Now the issue is it is not giving real time SOUND alert nor it is displaying calls on the Alert Output panel next to the chart screen. In the analysis window when i select 1 recent bar, nothing displays, but if i change it to 1 recent days, it displays many calls generated today.

Can someone please help me on this? I need alert as it is generated with sound and displayed in the Alert Output panel.

Cond1 = Ref(Close,1)>Ref(Open,1) AND
Ref(Close,2)< Ref(Open,2) AND
Ref(Open,1)<Ref(Close,2) AND

Cond3 = Ref(Close,1)<Ref(Open,1) AND
Ref(Close,2)> Ref(Open,2) AND
Ref(Open,1)>Ref(Close,2) AND

Buy=Cond1 ;

AlertIf(Buy,"SOUND C:\\Windows\\Media\\Buy.wav","Buy@" + WriteVal( C,1.2),1);
AlertIf(Sell,"SOUND C:\\Windows\\Media\\Sell.wav","Sell@" + WriteVal( C,1.2) ,2);

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