some beginner's questions on trading in nifty


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1. Can trading in nifty only be done by the F&O route? What I mean to say is that in other securities like equity and commodities trading can be done by buying and selling the underlying asset. So can that be done in nifty i.e can I purchase nifty as an asset or do I have to buy a future or an option to trade in it?

2. Is there a limit on the number of lots that can be traded in nifty?

3. Where can I get charts for nifty? On the nse site there is only an intraday site for nifty futures but no historical chart.


I am also a beginner.. I also want to ask q question. can someone tell me what is last nifty settlement high and it closing and opening of nifty previous day or is it something else

pls help someone

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