Soft(s) launch

Find none touched this thread so why not kick start it :D

For starters is going to be Ref Soy oil chart.. views invited..Could be a good bet above 365


Well..very few seem to be interested in softs..

My picks for the week are turmeric,sugar and Keep a watch on these as I expect some upside in the above.

Expereinced members like ncdx, amarnath and others kindly give your views.
No stopping the Monster Menthol. Today touched 575 or so. Looks very stretched but this is a very volatile commodity and few will have the guts to short it here.


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Dear Mareeche,
I have been thinking of entering into commodities trading,but having starting problem.Could u pl give some introduction to a novice reg finer points,the jargons used,what one should look for in selecting a broker,the brokerage,what commodities to start with,where to look for upgrading the market knowledge,how diff it is from stock trading,etc
I'm sure you would get all the answers if you go through the other threads under commodities section as many of these have been adressed before by the participants.

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