Skrill wallet - what options to use?


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Hi all,

Have a small amount in a Skrill wallet in USD from casual online poker over few years. What would you'll suggest is the best way to use it or to withdraw the money?

I haven't found any good online merchants that allow you to use it. Found these 3 options -
  1. Convert to Bitcoin using
  2. Buy Amazon usa gift cards from (I won't be able to use immediately so will have to park it till I can maybe a year or so later)
  3. Withdraw to local bank

Not sure how trustworthy websites in options 1 & 2 are though. All 3 options will end up costing around 6-10% of the balance approx depending.

Is it safe or ok to use the Skrill withdraw to bank option? Do banks or tax authorities ask about source of funds (as poker is strictly speaking legal but many say it is gray area)? Many posts on quora warning against withdrawing to bank. What should I declare it as if I do so? Worry is that Skrill can also be used for forex trading which I haven't done at all but just worried banks/IT-walas shouldn't suspect that as I've read that can lead to suspension of bank accounts etc.

Any FM's who have withdrawn to local bank from Skrill lately? What has been your experience? Also have Skrill asked you to do any kyc verification before withdrawal?

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