Silvermic Manipulation

Today is sold silverMic nov contract at 69200. at 18:04:02. The candle high and low at 18:04 was 69211 and 69010 respectively. But my stoploss order got executed at 18:04:39 at 69284. Is it some kind of joke....
2020-08-27 18_19_12- A.png
2020-08-27 18_22_26-SILVERMIC NOV FUT (MCX-FUT) .png


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i trade silvermicro daily. never place a stop loss order as it is a joke.
I burnt my fingers in SILVERM . so in silvermicro I ladder in & ladder out with out too much tension. even in silvermicro 1 lot +Rs 2500 to -Rs 2500 just like that.

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