Shubha scanner


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We have launched Shubha scanner now.

Now you can scan and explore through entire market, with your own filters on Price, Volume, Average Volume, Percentage change. Our scanner will find all stocks matching your filter conditions with report for multi time frame. For Intraday report will be for 5 min, 15 min and for EOD report will be for Daily and weekly time frame at a glance. Now you will gain access to information never before.

Shubha scanner scans also provides Chart with comments, Criteria everything you need to know about particular candle. Shubha scanner is designed with state of art algorithm which is tested on more than 5 lac candlesticks. It’s fined tuned to to various market conditions. The product is outcome of years of research. Shubha Scanner 1.0 comes up with two specially design scanners Intraday and EOD and charts. It searches for 50+ Candlestick patterns and price patterns.

This is also launched under GNU GPL license. We have video tutorial is here


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There are over one lac AFL in market which are free. It's guaranteed that most of them never identify patterns properly. The difference with our product and free scanners in market is, we have designed and tested the pattern finding formula over 5 lac bars, specific to Indian markets.


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I hope, this is thread is opened for marketing the product.......

No scanner or no auto trade will "Never / Ever" generate money for us....

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