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Just look at the below numbers and you will get an idea of what's coming next. Two things only:-

First, index options have been bought ferociously. Pretty obvious that it's nothing but anxiety of upcoming elections followed by results on 15th May 2018.

Second, FIIs are indeed fooling poor retailers. They are constantly selling in CASH but they are also constantly hedging by buying in F&O.

See for yourself and try to understand whats happening.


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I can very well understand that intraday traders are facing a lot of anxiety these days because of rangebound movement and heavy premium erosion. But traders need not worry at all.

Same thing happened during Gujarat elections as well. As soon as markets opened on results day (of Gujarat elections), NIFTY opened some 2% down as the LIVE vote counting till 9:15 AM was showing lead to other parties. However, it was a perfect moment for intraday traders to buy at that time. Trust me, traders made somewhere close to 300% to 500% through Banknifty options on that day (when it was declared that the incumbent party was destined to win that day).

So, friends, don't lose hope. Try to catch the move on 15th May. Hopefully, you all will make really good money. Good luck!!


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Absolutely fantastic BREAKOUT seen in ASIANPAINT since today's opening. Mind boggling volume upsurge ....

Lekin I would suggest not to enter again as it may or may not surge ahead today.
Ok found this thread. I was wondering where you had gone missing today! Good luck with this. I will also try to productively contribute.


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Guys .... TATASTEEL 620 CE (May expiry) looks very very lucrative for MAY series. Its currently at 11.50 .... If anyone wants to take chances then do it only with very strict STOP LOSS. Good Luck!!

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