Shares and mutual fund transfer after death


Wanted advice on the shares and mutual fund transfer procedure after my dads death a few months ago. My dad has two accounts with icicdirect, one as a sole owner and other as an HUF where hes invested in shares and mutual funds. There isnt any nomination in either of the trading accounts. These accounts were operated by me on his behalf and i wanted to know the procedure that i should follow. There are two approaches. One, sell all his shares and mutual funds in his sole account and transfer all the money to my moms account online. Even if i do this for his solo account, i cannot do the same for his HUF account, as there is no blank cheque signed by him. Secondly, there isnt any way to transfer funds online.

If i goto the bank to change the Karta in his HUF account, im worried what should be done in his solo account, as they both reflect his names, and he was well known to the branch guys where his account is.

Succession certificate seems to be a cumbersome process and may take months. I do not need the amount urgently but want a way to transfer out the funds. Please help with your suggestions.

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