Serendipity Stock Tips for 05/03/08 - Daytrading

Serendipity Stock Tips for Daytrading

Stock Tips for 05/03/08 - Daytrading

Overall Market Outlook - Bearish.

All traders are suggested to use stop losses while trading based on their risk taking capacity.

Our stock picks for today are the darlings of speculators. All kinds of rumours and buy recommendations are flying around for these two stock... but my recommendation is SELL.

Suzlon Energy
Recommendation - Sell
Current Market Price - 240.25
Day Target - 230
Outlook - The stock is on its way to test 195 levels in the next 7-10 trading sessions.
Fundamental - Book Value - 129 and PE of 29.55!! Who are they kidding?? Bunty, Bablee, Biloo, Tinku... all can assemble a solar power unit and power their homes... The only guys who make money in the energy business are utility companies and solar cell manufacturers in China. And Suzlon are neither!

Jaiprakash Associates
Recommendation - SELL
Current Market Price - 225.10
Day Target - 215... even 210 is possible!
Outlook - Stock will find its valuation around 160-170 by the end of March.
Fundamental - The only reason why a stock with a book value of 116.95 can be valued at a PE of 49.47 is if it has developed a cure for cancer. And hello, wake up, just in case you did not know, JPASSOCIAT has not done that!

SUZLON is already showing negative divergence and JP is heading for it. Both have breached 20 day EMA, both have given confirmed bearish patterns for three consecutive days.......

NOTE --- Trading targets are indicative and there is a margin of error. Traders are suggested to set their own targets based on the prevalent momentum in the market.

Disclaimer - Stock market recommendations are based on fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and no profit can be guaranteed. Investors are advised to make their own investment decisions with the information provided. Any investments, trades, and/or speculations made based on the ideas, opinions, and/or forecasts, expressed or implied herein, are committed at your own risk.
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Hi Serendipity,

Have picked up 2500 shares of ISPAT @ 40 on 4th March 2008.

What are you views ?

1) Fundamentally
2) Technically
3) Realistically

Silly mistake or Sound investment - Advise


Toyotomi Hideoshi
Thank you for your query Mr. Hideoshi. Here is what I think :-

Fundamentaly - Excellent buy! ISPAT is in an industry which is seeing higher margins this year. Globaly metal prices are moving up and ISPAT will certainly benefit. It is a very good investment with a one year time frame.

Technicaly - The stock will most probably bottom out today. It will open weak and slide a bit but it will improve from tomorrow. At this moment there is no trend reversal signal but I expect one today. So I will let you know at the end of the day if it has given a trend reversal. For the time being you can add more if it touches 35.

Realistic Outlook - Rs 70 in one year.
Suzlon has acheived its target. JP is now moving into the negative zone. I suggest that traders who traded on my advice change the target on JP to 222 or 220. I hope all made money in Suzlon. :D
@Serendipity : good thread. please make one single thread like "Today's Day Trading Calls - Serendipity" so we can subscribe it and track it instead of making thread every day for us to search.....just a suggestion...


Well-Known Member
Very good suggestion. We will do that.
hi seren, bought raymond @299.xx for day trading, placed a stop below 296, whats your view on this stock.

thanks in advnce.

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