senior's help to choose one sys from below two.


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plz help senior's to choose in between these 2 systems , which one is better ?
in one winning percentage is 66.24 % while in other it is 56.89%
in one total trade is 314 in other 225.
this is tested on bnf with 1 lot , testing tf is 5 min and of 2013, transistion cost and brokerage/slippage is cutted here by 1%.
approxly same for 2010,2011,2012,2014 , a minor difference of 10-30k is there .....
i am confuse which one is better ,my main confusion is about net profit , it is net 90 k difference .
actually this is going to be a 4 part of my 5 in 1 project , so before putting it in that need serious suggestions , plz share ur views , if u were in my place than which one u prefer and why ?



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Look at Net Risk Adjusted Return% for clues.

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