Self introduction

Myself Ashis Mallick,a B.E.(Mechanical Engineer),working in a Private Company in Bangalore as Manager-P.P.C.I started investing since 2007 and have some knowledge about investing.
I want to share one problem I faced for last 4 months and want your advice.
I have 2 SIPS in ICICI Prudencial MF dated 25th of every month amounting INR7500
and for last 4 months they deducted extra INR 1500.It was returned back after sending e-mail to them.
This month,I send them mail in advance on 20th and got assurence that It will not happen again.
But same mistake occured and due to this I missed my 28th date SIP(in Reliance MF) due to shortfall of money(I have exact amount for 28th SIP) in my a/c and INR393 also debited as bounce charge.What action I can take against ICICI Pru MF because this was due to their fault.
I have all related mail documents since January 2015.
Please advice.

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