Season's Greetings to all

May the X'mas spirit bringth warmth & cheer
to all my fellow traders here;
The mountains are steep & the gorges sheer,
but there are rainbows too, so have no fear. :)

This Yuletide wish I sincerely bring
to this forum of friends, all trading kings;
Let the New Year usher in better things
and give our profits some much-needed wings. ;)

So bring out the cask & flex the old arm,
Pour out the amber that's Oh! so warm; :D
Let's all raise a toast & sing out a Psalm;
It's what the world needs, some peace & some calm. :)
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As we come close to the new year
And everybody wants to cheer
One musn't forget that as the stockmarket represents greed and fear
Where nonchalance can be as dangerous as playing with fire
If the beginners are not to undergo wear and tear
If the "casualities of the mkt" are not to get severe
Let there be posts that all and sundry revere
Such posts are "the more the merrier"
Such a new year's resolution will remove any barrier
And enable many to pursue it as a serious career
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