SD Trading system in afl -Can we try to mke it

Hi friends

Here is a system.

SDTrading system.
The system uses
HAMA is heikin ashi MA

see chart

Can somebody with mt4 idea put the code in amibroker formula,please

This chart has 2 sets of price bars or candles.
It looks visually more impressive.

Here is CLOWN system-below- which uses supply demand zones also.
Listen to its owners comments
The Clown System:

I don´t have much back-testing data, I have fooled around with tons of indicators to find the best combination.
This one looks good for me in history and I want to work further with it and ofc, I appreciate any help in this journey.
Ofc you want to know now, if past is repainted. The answer is no. When candle is closed, the colors are final and doesn´t change past performance.

It works every TF, but as I like my trades closed intraday and I dont have time to stare the charts, I´ll be taking them from M5 chart, making sure they don´t have strong conflict with M15 and M30 + strong historical areas or candle patterns on larger TF-s.
Yeah, the PA with no colors involved too... but later ab that.

TP: target price-10 - 30 is fine for me if I can´t observe them after trade has been placed. Opposite signal and/or PA if observed.
(Ab larger TP-s later again, don´t want to make things too complicated since beginning.)
SL:stoploss- tough nut. Really can´t say it´s a fixed amount of pips. Rather market structure - above last high, below last low; above last resistance, below last support, Opposite signal etc.

where are the clever buyers entering the market?
where are the institutional orders hiding below?

SD ZONES are a great filter and they can help you avoid false entries and help you wait with patience for right entries.
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