SBIN Buy or Sell


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bank nifty is weak dont buy sbi at this far as trading is concerned you can use sell on rise strategy....if you want to buu sbi maybe u have to hold it for a year or 2....


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SBIN is a buy at these valuations and it will be a screaming buy at -1000s for long term. I advise to wait for it to reach those levels or if you are risky investor start an SIP asap.


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I think the down trend is over for SBIN, and it's going to be on sideways for sometime, after which it's going to reverse the trend.If I were you I would have gone long with this from tomorrow itself for a short term trade.
Is it good to buy SBIN at 1600 levels and if yes what would be the targets and SL. please advice:confused:
SBIN is good buy for long-term (min 3 yrs) buy now..........average ........if you find.......1500-1550 level............:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

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