Saving Chart Drawings on Web Portals?

Sorry if this is already solved (pls point me the place as I couldn't see any solutions on my search)

On web portals like Kite or Fyers, when you draw lines and add some text on a specific chart, it will keep those drawings and they will show up when I open that scrip again in a new window. But, if I clear cache on chrome (for some reason or by mistake), all that work is gone because it is saved as Cache instead of on cloud. Also, if I switch systems etc it won't work.

I think TradingView allows "Saving Charts" but that is limited to 20 charts on the basic premium subscription (I think?)

Checking if there is any platform (broker and otherwise) which allows unlimited charts to be saved on cloud instead of Cache

Alternatively, is there a smart way to backup cache for Chrome and save this to my drive?

Thanks a lot for the help. Let me know if I am not being clear.


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