Satyam Computers

Satyam computer today posted excellent numbers.The comapny has also issued positive outloook for future.They have declared an Interimn div of Rs 2/-.Record date for the same has been fixed as 4Nov.Keeping these factors in mind Satyam computers can be bought for investment.The price target for Satyam is 475/- in medium to long term.
Dear Traderji: Inspite of good results, satyam which opened positively today, went down. Interim dividend is also Rs 2/-. But even then, it has not given any momentum to this tech stock..Your analysis on this please..regards..harkara


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According to CNBC, satyam suffered because its results were declared at approxsame time as Infosys,Wipro and TCS and it was not found good enough relatively though in absolute terms it may have done well. Win some, lose some


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Satyam Computers

The triple bearish divergence and there after the break of the trend line confirmed the downtrend in Satyam Computers.

One does not need to know rocket science to see this fall coming. Just the basics will do!

See attached chart.


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