Hi Friends,

Please help me to retain or sell the saregam scripts. I bought it for 370rs of 250 shares. Should I withhold it or sell it off. I dont have problem in holding it for long term if it is going to give me good returns.

Please advice.

rajesh.sadhanala said:
Hi Traderji,

Can you please comment. Can anyone take some participation in my query

Hi Raj,

I had answered your PM on the same question that time itself.

As I had said,this one is at supply levels and a pullback in prices is likely.Not a big deal if your entry is correct,but painful if you entered at 370.

I'd exit tomorrow .........or if you want to wait,maximum till 325,after which better to let go and reenter at a lower price if still interested in this stk.

Thanks a lot Saint.

I want some knowledge on share trading. Can u please help me out.

Most of the time I am busy with my job and whenever I get time I check the shares online and I buy out some shares thinking it will go up and make lot of loss.

I love to know to have knowledge of share trading and and the background on it. Can u please tell me some scripts that u always analyze where I can look at it continously rather than scripts that I look.

My investment on shares is also very limited coz my earnings are not so good enough.

Till now whatever shares that I put on money was on losses only. So I will tell u my portifolio and want to change it according to ur suggestions.

Currently I am having portifolio of this shares.

1. HINDMOTOR entered at 43
2. IndusInd entered at 66
3. Saregama entered at 370
4. TTML entered at 33.50
5. Geometric entered at 110
6. National Steel entered at 33.5

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