Safe, Secure,Profitable-trading

Trading some 30years back was safe from all corners but todays trading has become a conjusted traffic in the mind of trader, daily new traders are entering the market and earlier traders who have incurred heavy losses are exiting from market.:confused: does not know in which direction to go.
This is small picture i want to give to my valuable traders.
Now a days trading procedure has changed to earlier days , sensex is rising or falling in a day to the extent of 500 to 600 on just some fabricated new , the poor trader who does not know all these stockmarket tacts is suffering heavy loss in his investments and forced to sell his stocks at loss and within no time the market starts gaining and market goes up, we just sit observing the up and down of graph without doing anything in the market with just fear in the mind.
I request my fellow investors to go only for A-group stocks, keep three levels of stock i.e buy small qty. stocks at every fall in the market and sell small qty of stock every rise. This will be safe trading and due to this average price
of stock will start falling so we can make good profit.
Keep mind in full control and do not react to any news fabricted on new channel, as A group are fundamentally good return giving stocks-----------:clapping::clapping: