Renko Trading With Energy Band

Hi all Great Traders,
I am starting this tread to Introduce and to trade Renko Charts.
First , I am posting Charts and invite comment on that.

Then I will explain my method based on comment revieved

so, enjoy Nifty , Bank Nifty and Crude Renko charts for intraday trade
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The dotted line looks like a cubic regression. Is it?


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Nice Initiative,

Kindly upload charts as suggested in timepass's signature, else you will shortly run out of 100kb quota.

Useful links : Timepass's Notes, upload images/charts using, Upload images/charts using, New Canteen
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just a small query

1) which sw are you using for plotting renko .

2) which data vendor and data feed are u using for plotting renko . tick or normal

3) plain vanila renko looks better to me .they are more ap pealing to me . (observation )


I am using Mt4 of SLfx (SL charting , ahmedabad)
Ranko Indicator used is attached.
It is Indicator. Open 1 Min chart , load Indicator.
Setting for Nifty , Bank Nifty and crude are as per attached .
(1) Long.
When Black dot enter lower pink band , Buy
exit when black dot exit lower pink band.
(2) Short.
When Black dot enter upper pink band , Sell
exit when black dot exit upper pink band.
(3) No trade
When black dot are outside Pink band , No trade.
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