Religare: Problem in selling my stocks

I have 10 shares of WIPRO in my religare account and When I can trying to sell these 10 stocks, my order was getting rejected due to "No free stock available".

Any one of you faced this issue earlier ? Any solution?

Cusomter service people not responding to my query. Poor service from Religare.


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you have not mentioned your trading account type.
make sure that these shares dont fall in margin category.
some OL brokers require you to maintain a margin(either cash or stocks) with them.
There is no margin required by Religare and I am keeping required minimum amount in cash with them.

Customer service people told me that I can sell my stock but they are clueless on why my order getting rejected.
Only one problem? Thank God. I had faced 42 problems in their software. Thereafter, when I tried to transfer the shares to enable me to close account, that was also refused. I sold the shares at lower than the purchase price and placed request for withdrawal. Would like to know? Even this was delayed. I complained to NSDL/SEBI/NSE/BSE. Prompt came the fund. They do not agree that their s/w Race-pro has any problem. I do not know then how I hv been facing.

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