Reliance unlucky ???



Is it a coincidence / bad luck / planned move that everytime a Reliance IPO comes market crashes.

11.05.06 Reliance Petroleum (RPL) was listed which coincidently was the day the May 06 crash began, now 15.01.08 after the Ipo of Reliance power got fully subscribed, the crash began...

Very obvious that along with the operators the Ambani's held the market, till there IPO...

I am not saying that world market had nothing to do with it, but we corrected along with world in feb 07 & July 07, but the magnitude became excessive of the correction cause they were held on artificially for some time...


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Ahh czar..nice to see your post....

Reliance IPO is about a 11 and half thousand crores....cheques pumped in were in tune of approx 7 and half lakh crores...stop payment of cheques worth 20 thousand crore has been done...but that should not be a problem for reliance now as people wanting to invest are still much more.....

Hi Czar,

Nice observation. It is always a game plan from Reliance as per my belief, sufferings are hence for small investors.

Anyways, nice to see you guys back in action here, pkjha also have posted a thread after a long time :)

Offcourse when reliance is such a big player they will always continue to influenence the market wantedly or unwantedly.

And the end what matters is the number of people getting rich from the reliance brand or inflence and i think it would be more than the loosers.
I just saw some interviews or read about the looser's in market they are mostly the dumb money owners even the smart money was lost but smart people don't complain they learn and get back for next.


thanks guys... but this cannot be a meager coincidence & days before each fall in International markets was ignored here with gap downs been covered in minutes, ignoring the world so we caught up in just 8 days whats the world took a month to fall... lets now see the games begin again before the power listing, we shall track it...
Ahmedabad: The mayhem at bourses for the second consecutive day forced
thousands of retail investors across Gujarat, who were eyeing huge
listing gains from Reliance Power IPO and Future Capital, rushing to banks to
stop payments for their applications. With retail investors losing substantial
amount in the stock market carnage on Monday and Tuesday which saw investors'
wealth erode by over Rs 10 trillion most banks in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara
and other cities in Gujarat witnessed a rush of panicky investors for making
stop payment of their cheques that were issued in favour of REPL IPO. "We have
received thousands of applications requesting stop payment of cheques for REPL
IPO in most of our branches across the state," said HC Pattnaik, chief general
manager, State Bank of India (SBI), Gujarat circle.

While many investors were concerned over listing gains from this
IPO due to the prevailing situation, many chose to nibble at other stocks which
are considered to be a valuable pick at the current valuations. "I will be
using the money for buying other stocks which are available at comparatively
lower valuations," says Ilyas Shaikh, a resident of Juhapura in Ahmedabad, who
had applied for 225 shares of REPL by making part payment of Rs 25, 875. In
Surat, bank officials carrying fat bunches of returned cheques at clearing house
at Udhna Cross Roads clearly reflected the investors' panic.

"Normally, I come with around 30 returned cheques at the
clearing house but today I am carrying more than 500 cheques," says a
top official at ABN Amro. Ashok Manghani, a textile trader, who rushed to his
bank on Tuesday morning to stop payment to cheque issued by him for two
applications in REPL IPO for 450 shares, said, "With the market crashing I am
sure that I will not get good price at the time of listing. On the other hand I
will prefer to invest in the already crashed stocks for good profit."

"A large number of my clients requested stop payment to their banks
anticipating low listing price while few are also keeping funds to
invest other stocks," says Uday Dhadhal of Suryoday Securities.

Situation in Vadodara was no different. A senior official of a
leading public sector bank in Vadodara said: "At least, 50 persons have
approached us with stop payment requests in last two days."

Jignesh Patel, who runs a software business, said: "The valuation
of REPL shares has gone down in the grey market and there are chances that the
shares might get listed low price. Also, there are very few chances of getting
substantial number of shares. Hence, I decided to stop the payment."


well seeing the REL stock back in action up 11.5% many must be reconsidering their decision... at this rate it wont be surprising to see REL at 2500/2700 by IPO, with deep shocks in between


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there's a possibility we could retrace the fall in the same period it took to fall... back to 6000 in 8 days ????
its true that an ambani IPO nails the mkt post IPO...
even in 2006 , the reliance mutual fund launch marked the crash post launching.
unless v close abv hopes for bulls..
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A lot of money should be coming in thru mutual funds in the next three months. Everyone in my office wants to know which would be the best fund to invest for ELSS as we are close to the year end. The FII's and operators would love to loot this too.This is not based on any technicals and one should not trade on this , but i think the market will move back up very soon for another big fall in April end or May. Technically i see 5750 as a level that would be a very strong resistance. As dada says the charts will tell you all so lets keep watching them.

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