Reliance MF

ivanboesky said:
Vicky, can you be a little more coherent in framing your question??

Really Sorry That my question was not understoodable.
I was talking about Mf coz at present I am a Trader.
Mostly day Trading and Fno Trading and sometimes Delevery
Trading / Equity Trading.

I am completely new the the mf. I don't know how it works.
Like how I can buy it ! And how I can find which Mf is good?

And second can I buy it like a Equity without any lot commitment

Can I buy it under 5000?

This is my question. Hope now easy to understand.

You can buy MF units through ICICIDirect or through a similar service provider. You can also buy MF units through a MF distributor, or the fund.
To find out if an MF is good, check the past performance of the fund and the last disclosed holdings etc.
If it is an NFO, check out the investment mandate (large cap, mid cap, small cap, value, growth), performance of the fund in a scheme with a similar mandate, who is the fund manager and his ability to handle the mandate etc...
The minimum amount you can normally invest is Rs. 5000. Depending on the NAV, the amount of units will be alloted to you.
Trading is not advisable, coz of the entry and exit loads, unless returns are high enough to offset these charges.
Really sorry... They are not on intra-day.... Somehow, I wrote here wrongly and did not come back to check it.

I dont have knowledge about it.
How I can buy? Like stock? without any lot commitment. or
like fno? with lot qty.
Actually you are right... I should have written hedging and not the intraday (somehow.... wrote wrong there therefore, correcting words now).

ivanboesky said:
Intra-day trading?? Dont think my expectations would be very high in that case... MFs are supposed to be stock-pickers, not intra-day traders.
But yes, with their hedging strategy, looks good.

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