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I have also started Jio for Intra trade but it seems many times backfill is required ...
Every trader relies on high-speed internet for fast execution. As such, we recommend that you first connect your trading device, whether it is downloadable software or web based execution, to a landline. However, in the age of Wi-Fi, people are increasingly trading Futures on their phones, tablets and other Smart Devices. So let’s discuss the issues that affect Wi-Fi Execution

  • Distance – The further away you are from the router the slower the connection you will experience, even if you are using the most robust routers. So if you are trading futures on the 3rd floor and your router is on the first floor, you should reconsider your location.

  • Walls – They are the second largest obstacle when it comes latency, so the space between you and your router should have the least amount of obstructions. Walls that contain corrugated wires are strong obstacles to Wi-Fi signal. Solid walls can be just as damaging to connectivity while sending orders to the trading exchanges.

  • Other electronic disruptions – Beware of microwaves near your trading terminals because they use the same frequency of 2.4GHz. We highly recommend keeping your hardware updated and if the equipment you are using was provided your ISP, it may be a good idea to reach out to them every six months or so to check for hardware updates and ask if your old equipment can be replaced.

  • Cordless phone – This one can disrupt your connectivity altogether. When you trade, ask those around you to use their cell phones.

  • Other devices – Bluetooth can be disruptive. Routers that sit on top of other devices that use electricity (Stereos, refrigerators, etc.), fluorescent lighting, and any device that use magnets. Again, proximity to the router is the single most important factor when it comes to connectivity. But our recommendation is to stop trading on WiFi altogether. All your trading should be done from a secure landline hooked up to your desktop or laptop. It’s one thing to monitor markets from your cell; it’s another thing to actively execute trades from it. If you insist on using your Wi-Fi

  • Please consider using Wi-Fi Extenders & Powerline Adapters.

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