Regarding RIL


Today the Reliance got split formally.
But, I could not understand this part: Anil said a shareholder of RIL who holds, say, 100 shares will get 5 free shares of Reliance Capital Ltd, 7 free shares in Reliance Energy, and 100 free shares in both unlisted Global Fuel Management Services Ltd (GFMS) and Reliance Communications Venture Ltd. RIL has a shareholder base of 23 lakh.

I got this info at:

Can somebody tell me what this means?
I have shares of RIL. So, will I also get the shares of Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy, Reliance Communications Venture Ltd and GFMS?

Please do clarify?



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Even i am curious to know & would like to add - What about thhose who hold less tahn 100 shares in reliance industries
Right now lot of confusion regarding this!
Initially, it was told, only with 100 shares of RIL, you can get FREE shares of the 4 other companies.
Today, I read that, all shareholders of RIL will get FREE shares!

So, I think the things are not yet clear.

I think experienced people like Traderji can give a clear view on this.

I request TRADERJI to please clarify and show us light regarding this RIL shares.


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