Reducing leverage in gold and others

Hello everyone ,

i have a query in the matter of leverage and if it can be reduced.
As you all know the margin requirement for gold at the mcx is 4% ( 25 times leverage ). As a speculator suppose i find this leverage to be too much for me to bear psychologically , as you all know that leverage is a two edged sword.
One way of blunting this sword is to reduce this leverage to say
2 times .

For eg todays gold per 10 gms // rs 27000
margin about rs 1073 ( approximately )
this is way too much leverage for me individually.
I would like to post margin say rs 13500.
Ie a leverage of 1:2

how would i as a trader execute this on th brokers porrtal.

Any helpful suggestions would be highly appreciated
thanks in advance to all

why need to reduce the leverage ?
If we are psychologically not comfortable with such leverage, we can reduce quantity of trade, use less lots (e.g. gold gunea, gold petal)

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