Realtime Datafeed via an API (for NSE FNO/CM, preferrably Level 3/Tick-By-Tick)


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pro got real tick data, everyone else get clubbed ticks or say 1 second clubbed tick.

question is, why would someone need every executed order on exchange in least possible time, simply cuz they want to act faster. second who can act faster ?, guy with bigger processing power and network to support.

your order reach at exchange server in 200 milliseconds, while a guy with co-located server can unload his entire position (100-200 crore) in 10 or less milliseconds.

a pro can act in 100 milliseconds and can execute 50 or more orders, which can drop the price before your broker can even send your order to exchange, means your stop will never trigger or loss will be so big if sold or bought on market price.

with all respect, if it sounds strange, then please don't blame me for your lack of information.
Your concern is big guys have better infrastructure and exchange has made the costs not viable for the retail.

Let us accept the fact that Markets are designed for the crowd to loose.

We are not going to run HFT/Market making algo's for the markets.Nor we have several 1000's of crores to do the same or going to move the price in our favor based on the order flow.Ie if majority of the crowd buy then from whom they are buying and if majority of the crowd sell then who is buying then.

So the highest priority will be for the ones who is doing the market making ie placing orders both sides who provides the liquidity and ensure the functioning of the markets.

Market makers provide the bid-ask spread as well so they need to continuously match the buy-sell order flow and hence high speed co-location servers.

Market makers are the supreme and our orders cannot surpass theirs.Let us accept the fact.Nor we can compete them and win over them with their supreme algo's and money power.

If we have tick data - what's the use ? volume foot print charts ? - That's the only use I could imagine.Off course it will be a great edge.

We trade >= 1M charts isn't it.

And we cannot exactly pick the top or bottom before markets confirming the same isn't it ?

Off course slippage is an issue
So find a broker with co-location server near the exchange.
Tick data (say 1 second data available from ODIN/Nest).

So focus on the better things on what we can or what is available.
i m searching for indian market real time api FOR my own trading application. i have developer for same...though i am not much technical person..yet if anyone could guide me to get it than will be really grateful..ready to spend some moderate price for it..
I am not sure if they provide tick by tick i find they provide time based charts with minimum 1 min the same as a GDFL not tick by tick. And the same use Esignal(Interactive Data Corp) infrastructure. This data feed is by Interactivebrokers for free.

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