Real Time Data For MetaStock

IntraDay-Real Time BSE/NSE Tick Data For MetaStock

Notice To All Members

I am in Process of Developing Software for integration of Real Time Data For Analysis In Metastock . Kindly Advise Your Views / Requirements and Expected Cost Of Usage per Month . Awaiting Your Replies.

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Expected cost should be from Rs. 2000 to 4000/month.

Should be availabe in real time as tick data for most active NSE stocks and futures.

Delivery of data should be through internet.
Hi Achiever,
Could u please give a time frame when it will be available. Also let me know does your model Query the nse/bse server for data or do u get tick data.

Hi prashkr

It will Work in both the modes , query as well as it will also work in tick by tick data download mode . It Will Be FIRST OF ITS KIND COMMERCIALLY AVAILBLE SOFTWARE With Company based in india not anywhere abroad and that also for very affordable rates , i am looking forward for more views and requests all users to reply and advise suggestions .
Users Must understand that it will be an advanced piece of software and to set facts right Its Not Possible to extract or use Power Indiabulls or any other INTERNET trading Software Real Time Data due to following reasons:-

1) its encrypted
2) its written first to harddisk and then displayed cauing time delay however small it may be , where as our software gets data directly from our server.

Awaiting Our Reply . Release time Will be very soon.


Hi Achiever

There is already a software that displays tick by tick data in Metastock.That software too downloads the data from the software vendor's server.It is I think Data Communications from NewDelhi.That software works with any nseindia x25 protocal.I am not much aware about that x25 and all.What lot of people need is a software that uses indiabulls or any that type of internet based trading software's data to be used as areal time feed to metastock.Do you develop that type of software?Pl think over

best regds
I am in process of developing software for Direct Download from My Companys Server independent of Vendors / Online Brokers Like IndiaBulls , 5Paisa , ShareKhan , Motilal Oswal .
Achiever said:
I am in process of developing software for Direct Download from My Companys Server independent of Vendors / Online Brokers Like IndiaBulls , 5Paisa , ShareKhan , Motilal Oswal .

Dear Achiver

What i have posted is the company i have mentioned also allows to download the data from their server.Besides they have other software that captures data that comes via VSAT or any other mode from NSEINDIA and stores it in metastock format.As i said most people require a software that captures data from Indiabulls or 5paisa or geojit etc etc to update metastock chart in real time.I think most of the people waiting for that.Do u have any?Pl see intraday software forum.

best regds
Equis is now providing real-time data for its metastock users through its new product caled MetaStock QuoteCenter.

MetaStock QuoteCenter Asian Data list of exchanges covered.

Asian Equities

Australia Stock Exchange Equities
Australia Stock Exchange Options
Bombay Stock Exchange (Non-Resident)
Hang Seng Index
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Indian National Exchange
Jakarta Stock Exchange
New Zealand Stock Exchange
Osaka Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd
Tokyo Stock Exchange

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