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Time to break the silence---

Special thanks to S_T....AW10....PRIDE

i know this post is not suitable under "daytrading" but this is most visited thread so i hope people will read

(warning---This post is looonnnggggg)

originally thought of posting this because i have learnt so much from here and wanted to give back.

I started trading in 2011. It was a indicator based system. stoch...sma...adx etc.
Used to trade hapazardly. some losses some profits. I thought i knew the basics so went over
to advancedstrtegies. (although there was a periodwhere i
traded sensibly using simple tips tricks given by SMART TRADE)And by advanced i mean my charts were clutered to such point that
the price was completely hidden.

then my search for the holy grail begun...Reading countless books...countless videos watched
It was pretty dumb..viz. i was pretty dumb. I jumped from indictor to indicator...from technique to technique.
from charts to news to listening to t.v experts. I was convinced that trading was sumthing
very secretive and to get this secret i had to break "the secret of traders".

But mylosses and profits were equl,even after all voodoo black box systems...advanced indicators

It was in oct 2012 i took a break from trading, because i thought trading was not for me..it required
"secret inside knowledge".

But i missed it. In my life there are 3 things i will never quit, trading being one of them.
So after a periodof 4-5 months absence i tarted again but this time made a decision.

In many things..many problems i have solved basics always worked. From getting a new girlfrnd to
building a body basics always worked. So i decided to take this approach in my trading.

What r basics oftrading, one may ask?

buy low sell high.

thats it in a nutshell. so how to know when to buywhen to sell?

Ans---support/resistance lines my frnds.

Now just by drawingthese two lines on a chart and observing hhow pricereacts you can get very good profitable trdes

Before yu say"whatever,i know about them" i urge you to draw these linss nce on any chart
any timeframe. you will be surprised.

I am by no means an expert by now but my tradin has become waaayyy simple and profitable.

So anyone who wants to trade PPLLLZZZ GET THE BASICS IN ORDER.



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@ avad ,

IF u trade only on PA .....Then post some example and trade set up ....it will help new bie like me and other....

about RR 1:3 Is very nice ratio....can u explain with chart ...

thank you

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