Question on LTP and Volume being shown as 0 in the 'market watch' widget of SBI SMART

Hi all ,

I am using SBI CAP SECURITIES for purchasing shares. I am new to investment in the stock market and currently learning the same.

On 10th Nov 2015 i bought few shares on IDFC LIMITED . They are yet to be delivered. I got the Contract note cum bill for this purchase and the amount and number of shares mentioned are proper.

However when i logged in to SBI SMART today , in the market watch widget where we can add stocks we are interested in, The LTP and volume for this particular stock is shown as 0. I am sharing a screenshot of the market watch widget for you to have a look at. Please find the link below:

I am confused as to why the LTP and volume is listed as 0. Is this not traded anymore? what will happen to the few shares that i had bought?

It would be great if someone can answer these questions.

Thanks for your help.

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