Quesion about moving average crossover indicator



I would like to know about moving average crossover indicator. Can this indicator interepreted along with acc./dist. indicator be used to predict the buy signal or the signal. Also moving average crossover buy or sell signal is valid for how much period i.e if I see a buy signal for 20 days and 50 days moving averages, for how long the ongoing trend will continue.


I read the article, but my question is still answered. Can we use Acc./ Dist. indicator along with Moving average crossover indicator to generate the buy and sell signals. Also if a buy signal is generated by a Moving average crossover indicator( 3, 13 days) then for how long the rising trend will persist?
Kindly comment


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Hi aarun3034,

You can use the acc./dist. indicator as a confirming indicator with the moving average crossover system.

Once a buy signal is generated by the moving average system it is not possible to say for how long the rising trend will persist. You hold on to your position using a trailing profit protection stoploss.

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