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A couple of other things

- If you download tickers from markets in other time zone(s) e.g Dow Jones Index, Hang Seng Index etc, the output data will have the trade times converted as per your local time zone i.e IST

- Yahoo implements ratelimiting i.e if you keep hitting the server with far too many queries, your ISP will be capped

- PyDownloader is merely a transport mechanism for data from server to your end in a comprehensible (and usable) format. It does not, and cannot, guarantee glitch free data accuracy. So do carry out due diligence from time to time

Done! Alternate link is attached

brother in py downloader is there any chance of increasing number of more than 7


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Yahoo provides 1 min data only for 7 days max.
Though it provides 5/15/60 min data for more days.

So, I will suggest/request Mike bro, to incorporate this function, in next update.


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Been a fair while ......

Apologies for not being cognizant about this sooner as the utility was released in 2018 and has worked well (going by users feedback, to all intents and purposes) till recently. In the interim I have moved onto other customized (for my trading) data utilities from other data sources and the distro has been lying as a keepsake!

Have also been away from forums post discussions pertaining to general perception and attitude with regard to intellectual property and developer effort recognition (even from those who can well afford to pay for it), which engendered a sense of deep disquiet!

Came to know about the issue only when an SOS from a friend managed to locate me! Was initially expecting that the savvy 'free' crowd would have moved onto greener pastures long ago and hardly anyone would be using this humble CLI!!! However, it appears that people (especially small-scale/ beginners/ VFM conscious) are still hard pressed for a viable quality backfill option , especially more so, since NEST plus has gone awry!!!

After much soul searching, came to the conclusion people do need viable VFM/ free resources to level the playing field vis-a-vis the big guns, especially in these uncommon times wherein the fact of widespread lay offs & losing means of livelihood is a stark reality!!!

Having a look at the issue. Hopefully, would be able to release the new distro with fixes in a day or two! This would be compiled on a Win 10 rig as I have donated all my older rigs with previous versions of windows to underpriviled kids to facilitate online education!

The distro ought to work fine on Win 7 too, but will not be able to test it out at my end. The distro will be 32 bit to cater for both 64 & 32 bit rigs! Have patience, Keep the faith!

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yfinance is nice library that you may want to look at. Works well and seems to be actively maintained. All i had to do was update package when previous version broke.
Also fyi, Fyers are going to provide free realtime+historical data via api for their users. Would likely be better than yahoo since yahoo does put some garbage minutes in data. Still yahoo is decent as backup.
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