positionscore ,scorenorotate explanation

hello friends
i am learning amibroker. i have doubts in this code.please help me


returns = ROC(C,12);

PositionSize = -100; // invest 100% of equity in single security
PositionScore = returns+1000;
PositionScore = IIf(returns >1 ,returns + 1000,scoreNoRotate);

the above code is weekly based rotation system . In this code it is assumed that one asset is bought out of n number of assets on the basis of position score . that selected asset should have returned more than 1 % only than the trade is initiated.
please can anybody explain the last line of the code as i am not able to understand it.as far as i understand we should have used exitscore and not noscorerotate.i am missing something please help
thanks in advance

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