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Here is an xls sheet that will help you find your order quantity in a jiffy.

Data you need to enter:
  • J - stop from the chart (your personal judgment)
  • L - Target value from the chart (the next support/resistance level within past 5 days.)
  • S- The leverage provided by your broker . If the leverage is 20, change the formula as =R2*20/H2
  • R Your trading capital (margin) as of today
That's all.
The quantity calculated is based on 2% risk to your capital.
I admit, in the heat of day trading, it may be a bit time consuming to find these data. However, in the learning phase we cannot afford to over trade, and this sheet will help you trade with your capital for a long time. Because it limits your risk.

All members, do please offer your valuable corrections and observations. Also please share any records template which you keep on a daily basis.

DISCLAIMER: I have no responsibility if anybody suffers losses after using this Position finder sheet. I use this sheet on a daily basis. Each time, I double check to see if the values are right. Errors can happen if formulae get changed.


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