Portfolio tracking websites recommendations?

Hi Guys,

I thought i'd open this thread so we can collectively put in our recommendations for a free online portfolio tracking website for Indian stocks.

My opinions/suggestions:

Moneycontrol/economictimes: Since its based in India, I assume the info is more accurate. But there are too many ads on the website which is both distracting and annoying.

Google Finance: I use this and I find it to offer what I need. You just create a portfolio, enter the capital, enter the portfolio details of stocks you own and it gives a daily snapshot on how your portfolio is doing.

Are there any other sites that you can recommend?


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There are so many other similar sites like ET Portfolio, Hindu Businessline Wealth tracker, BSE Plus, Rediff portfolio tracker, etc., which are all free of cost
Google finance portfolio site says portfolio feature will not be available after 15th November. This is a very useful site and all users will miss it. Request all members to inform all and take up this matter.

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