Please Help

I have a system a dell notebook

with 256 DDR SDRam

and an inbuilt modem of 56 kpbs

through Hathway lease line am goin to get :confused: somewhat around upto 258 to 328 KBPS speed internet connection

Now the problem is my laptop has a inbuilt 56 kbps modem

Pls advice me what i should do and what is the best option for me so that atleast am able to receive around 256 KBPS speed

can i add something to my laptop for this or i have to upgrade it to something....Pls reply ASAP

Thank's a Lot.
Normally the broad band service provider will provide the broad-band connection through the USB port connected to a broad-band router. Some service providers provide connection through the built-in ethernet port connected to the broad-band router. You will not be using the standard modem for broad-band connection.

Verify if you have USB port or Ethernet port on your laptop and check with your service provider if they have the right type of broad-band router to connect to your laptop.

Hope this helps,

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