Pivot Trading- Advance concepts


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Eagerly waiting to learn watever I can from you Subhadip bro. Gine thru your last thread about pivot trading, being a new learner have lot of doubts. If you permit can I ask doubts in this thread about pivot basics or some other place?
On that thread...you can ask...


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These two points in hourly chart are very vital...

Some good setup..seen around 70% success rate..

These are called Virtual low..

1. On 29/9/17... price came up from the wick of the big bar...

2. On 11/10/17.. price goes down, but see last bar..price does not go below the wick of the bar..next day price opened above that bar high & not broke the low of the bar..

These are price less Price action...


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Congrats and best wishes to the new thread, looking forward to it :D I'm back after a long break.
Yes !!!!!!!!!!! you have taken long break !!! Welcome Back !!!

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