PC shuts down in between


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mera PC bhi problem kar raha hai. start button dabane par start hone ki koshish karta hai fir turant hi band ho jata hai . matlab boot nahi hota. 5 - 6 baar aise hi hota hai. fir start hota hai. kabhi ek baar mein hi start ho jata hai. 7 saal se sahi chal raha hai assembled PC hai. problem in electricity unit of PC ?
I also faced same issue with my laptop , specially in winter season this happens frequently. After pressing " last known good configuration" it starts.
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1. check electric point , whether line and neutral are in right position.
2. some motherboards have additional supply from SMPS to motherboard , if its not connected you may get this problem.

give a try!


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  1. Button stuck nahi hota na , plz check this first.
  2. After pressing Power button try starting PC in safe mode .( Mostly press F8 till u get options to start PC in Safe Mode.).Run antivirus.
  3. It can happen due to corruption of files ( system wale ).
  4. While starting continuous beep sound aata hai kya ? Then diagnosis could be different.
  5. If you have 1 memory chip u can remove / clean using good cloth .( assuming it is desktop )
  6. If you have 2-3 memory chips u can clean all and try using one by one to detect if any 1 memory has gone bad.( assuming it is desktop )
  7. I hope u have already cleaned dust inside the cabinet if it is desktop.
  8. Finally u might have to take to some technician to check if any capacitors have gone bad or not


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