Partnering with Arbitrage trading firms in India

Are there prop trading firms in India who specialist in Arbitrage and allow individuals to bring own money and learn to trade and also employ other traders
So basically
- I wish to learn if Arbitrage ( not directional trading or scalping but pure very low risk arbitrage)
- Apply my capital so others can trade and teach me

Is it really possible
What are the risks?
In all these ideas seems to be risk free as such .. but in modern fast trading in western world at least these arbitrage opportunities hardly stay and without the following It is impossible to do it So with this regards How exactly are Indian firms are set up?
- very high speed connection, server set in close proximity to exchange
- High leverage/ low margin
- scanning software tools like CQG or RTS
- Low brokerage
- very high capital ( millions of $)

5) - Which exchanges? only in India or overseas also?

6) Also further questions on the theory itself
- Even if you see difference in CASH and Futures unless the difference is much ore than all the costs it is not worth it ? ( I mean if a bank deposit earns 8% PA the yield form such arbs has to be much man times more then only it is worth it
Can somebody please explain in details how this is viable?
- With shares shorting to long or short entire NIfty stock would be next to impossible so your " Index arb" sound very difficult to implement

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