Option spreads : Penalty for being right too early

Say a stock is trading at 100 & my only view is "it will reach 110 sometime in next 20 days".
I enter a call spread buying strike 100 call & selling 110 call.

Stock do reach 110 in next 5 days.But my spread in worth only half of its potential value at expiry.
Option spread penalizes me for being right too early.
I can wait till expiry to get maximum gains of spread , but do not know where will stock go by then .

potential solutions :
buy a 110 put (cost of put will drag down max returns of spread)
sell additional 110 call & convert into a ratio spread (1.infinite risk , specially when I do not have any view on markets now & 2.extra margin)
convert to butterfly ie Sell 110 call + buy 120 call (if stock keeps moving to 120 ,original spread returns will dwindle )

Is there any low cost method to lock max potential spread gains.I can wait till 20 days expiry.

Or as I suspect , bull call spread is the wrong strategy to choose when my only view on the market is "stock is trading at 100 it will reach 110 sometime in next 20 days."

Any insights...


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