option buying for multi*x returns


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so i am here by starting this thread for option strategy based calls which have some backing of charts , as option trading is very high risk i would request please avoid calls without any basis ,no rumors no nothing please .only pure technical based calls .

call can be of any type but pure option based strategy only :thumb:.......idea is to multiply money as much as we can

so my first call is reliance

reliance is in a tight range of 220 rs on a monthly chart for last 27 months............that's a long long time

this cannot last long. it has to breakout of this range sooner than later , i think it will break on upside only , target will be 1100+ minimum , and it also will start a new bull run in reliance in long term

i suggest pure naked CE option buying for this or next month 860-900 CE call option

now how people utilize it , its on their own thinking , suggestions are welcome

other people are also welcome to share their calls

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