ONGC - Split-Bonus Share issue

Dear friends'

Let me introduce myself, an Aam Aadmi, working class from Vadodara.
I have never invested in stocks. But however, I had picked 20 ONGC shares and I received a proxy voting ballet from ONGC and returned it completed.

In my stock profile, Now I could see 40 shares of ONGC. but the amount invested for 20 shares were more than 26,000/- but after the split and bonus, I have only 40 shares and the total invest amount is below 12000/-. Could you please tell me asper ONGC how many shares I should get and what should be the total share value as on today closing.

I'm worried where the money went?:mad:
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You should get 40 more by 15 feb. thats the date for the bonus shaes to be credited. What u have right now is the effect of the stock split.

Relax mate....:)
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You will get 40 more shares being bonus in the ratio of 1:1.:thumb:


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ONGC has splited the face value of each share of Rs.10/- to 2 shares of Rs.5/- each. So each share of Rs.10/- will become 2 shares of Rs.5/- each. further for each 1 share they have given 1 bonus share. So, the 2 shares will become 4. So, if you hold 1 share before the record date, that will become 4. If you have not got 4, the balance will be credited to yr demat account in a few days.

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