TradeStation versions
Some versions of TradeStation have the ability to read our data in "MetaStock" format. The "MetaStock" data format has had many revisions over the years. They are:
(i) Pre-1996 - Computrac/"MetaStock" format - supporting up to 255 securities per folder.
(ii) "MetaStock" 2000-securities-per-folder format - Introduced with MetaStock v6.5 around 1997.
(iii) Y2K-compatbile "MetaStock" 2000-securities-per-folder format - Introduced with MetaStock v6.52 in 1999.
(iv) "MetaStock" 6000-securities-per-folder format - Introduced with MetaStock v8 in 2002.

TradeStation 2000i only supports the first MetaStock format - i.e. no more than 255 securities per folder. Therefore TradeStation 2000i is not fully compatible with our Stocks or Futures data where some folders contain more than 255 securities. Furthermore, TradeStation 2000i uses just 2 digits to interpret the year in a date, with the digits ..20 taken to mean the year 1920. Therefore it cannot properly interpret dates from Jan 1 2020 onwards.

In summary, TradeStation 2000i is not compatible with our data.

In 2001, Omega Research Inc changed their name to TradeStation Technologies and went down a brokerage subscription model which had no support for third party data formats. However, in late 2005, TradeStation Technologies Inc. released version 8.1 Service Pack 1 which now supports the fourth format - i.e. 6000-securities-per-folder format. Therefore TradeStation v8.1 Service Pack 1 is compatible with all of our data. Note that TradeStation version 8.1 and above are only available through a brokerage subscription model.

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