NSE new site and old site


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NSE is renewing its site.
Daily data is availble in old site format has been changed www to www1.
For example daily equity data is not available at https://www.nse-india.com/archives/equities/bhavcopy/pr/PR090120.zip.
But availble at https://www1.nseindia.com/archives/equities/bhavcopy/pr/PR090120.zip. see difference in bold. old format page is www1.nseindia.com.
In new format page www.nse-india.com, it is availble at https://archives.nseindia.com/archives/equities/bhavcopy/pr/PR090120.zip
same thing for Market Activity Report in equity and fo also.
But for fii and dii, symbolchange.csv and CA_ALL_FORTHCOMING.csv, no link is seen by me in new format page. Hence any eod data downloader will have problem as link is changed.


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paid eod venders buy from paid subscribers as i think so theydont have problem and problem with fre downloaders and and nse intentionally blocking free downloaders


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Bhai, nothing of that sort is certain yet.
It doesn't even appear as a case where they're blocking anyone.

It is just that some novice developers are playing around in a production environment.

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